Who We Are

Our dad, Jerry Austin Jenkins, was a man of vision and a man of passion. He left behind a legacy of faith and his vision for serving the church. He saw a forest and envisioned a Christian camp for young people. Today, Maywood Christian Camp is a first-class camp and home to thousands of young people each summer.

He envisioned a television program by which the Gospel could be preached throughout the Southeast. At the time of his passing, The Living Word television program was the longest-running and most popular locally-produced religious broadcast in Alabama.

He envisioned a Christian school in Birmingham that would allow students to learn the Word of God every day. Now Jefferson Christian Academy serves Birmingham and surrounding areas in a marvelous way.

He envisioned a school to train deaf preachers to carry the Gospel to the deaf around the world. Today, the Birmingham Bible School for the Deaf continues to send preachers around the country to proclaim God’s message to those who cannot hear.

He learned that there was one English-speaking nation left in the world where there was no church of Christ and he envisioned the church being planted in that country. Now there are strong, growing, and vibrant congregations throughout the nation of Belize.

Dad believed the best was yet to be. Among two of his favorite quotes were: “The future is as bright as the promises of God,” and “Attempt great things for God, expect great help from God.”

The Jenkins Institute seeks to honor this type of vision. Through seminars, workshops, books, publications, etc., we will continue, and hope to expand, the legacy of a man with faith and vision. Our goal in these efforts is to edify the church, encourage preachers (especially younger preachers), and strengthen families. Because we are both involved full time with congregations these seminars are available on a first come basis as our schedules and our agreement with our elders allow.Between the two of us, we have more than seventy years of experience in preaching and helping churches grow.

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