Redeeming the Times

We believe that there is a need for a book dealing with important issues in the church that has been written from a positive, loving, and Biblical spirit. It was our intention to put good, Biblical reading material into the hands of Christians. We also wanted this book to address issues that are common within the church, and to address them with a spirit of encouragement. Our prayer is that this effort will bring glory to God, and that it will be a great source of strength to our wonderful brotherhood.

— Russell L. Dyer, Tommy F. Haynes, and Jeff A. Jenkins

Oklahoma City: Clarity, 2004 | Purchase Redeeming the Times


Praise for Redeeming the Times:

“Admittedly I am old but I feel young today! I have been reading a most wonderful new book, ‘Redeeming the Times.’ It’s a tremendous volume done by young men and it reads like the sound, genuine works of even the pioneers. It makes me knwo the future of the church is bright indeed as God lets it rest in the hand of capable, dedicated young men who solidly stand for the blessed truth of the Lord.

As you read ‘Redeeming the Times’ you will glow with appreciation for what this new breed of scholarly thought is being presented to the public. It gives assurance—the future is bright—God’s cause is blessed.”

— Jim Bill Mcinteer
President, 21st Century Christian

“REDEEMING THE TIMES is a book ‘for such a time as this.’ It is extremely relevant, well researched and comprehensive in content. The book deals with current issues in the church, with the issues being stated and fairly examined. The material is written by unquestioned and reputable men; and, written in the spirit of fairness and honesty. This book will help the Lord’s church.”

— Wendell Winkler

“Redeeming the Times is, truly, a book for “these times!” Three compilers have brought together authors of exceptional ability. The 16 sections cover the field of issues and challenges with which the church is compelled to face. This is a book that will help in bringing God’s people closer together. My sincere congratulations to the authors and compilers for one of the most needed and best written volumes of our day.”

— Hershel Dyer

The fact that our nation is experiencing a cultural upheaval of colossal proportions none can deny. A similar upheaval is taking place in the brotherhood. We cannot pretend it doesn’t exist…we must deal with it. Because of my friendship with Tommy, Jeff, and Russ, contributors and editors of “Redeeming The Times,” I admittedly commenced my review with a positive bias. But as I perused through the chapters, I was objectively impressed with the scholarship, careful documentation, and reasonableness with which the writers penned their assignments. I found the book to be challenging, engaging, and sorely needed. I sincerely recommend it, and hope it will have wide circulation among brethren.

— Maxie B. Boren

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