What people are saying about The Jenkins Institute.

“The elders at Roebuck Parkway are pleased to endorse the work Jeff and Dale have begun through the Jenkins Institute. Brother Jerry ministered to God’s family here for 44 years, instilling his love for souls on all who knew him. He labored tirelessly in every aspect of the Lord’s work, and we ourselves are among the countless Christians who learned Personal Evangelism from him. We are confident that because of this ministry, the wisdom, talents and methods of Jerry Jenkins in all areas of Christian service will be learned and shared by generations to come.”

— Elders, Roebuck Parkway Church of Christ
Birmingham, AL

“What a wonderful and appropriate tribute to the life and legacy of our beloved brother, Jerry Jenkins, that his outstanding sons, Jeff and Dale, are establishing “The Jenkins Institute.” They are eminently qualified to do so. This will perpetuate the work and influence of Bro. Jerry, who dedicated his entire life to “the furtherance of the gospel.” Our gracious brotherhood will be well served by all that will be accomplished through this exciting new endeavor. I am pleased and honored to give The Jenkins Institute my highest recommendation.”

— Dr. Billy Smith

“Recently I have had a repeating thought that is disconcerting to me—i.e. the loss of legacy in the church. The last twelve months have seen the passing of several brotherhood giants like Bro. Jerry Jenkins. This loss of a legacy that cannot be replaced in this world has made me wonder if it would someday be possible to ‘download’ what great preachers and teachers know before they die so as to preserve their legacy. Since this is not possible, it seems fortuitous that Jeff and Dale Jenkins, sons of Jerry Jenkins, should make known their desire to begin ‘The Jenkins Institute.’ Their planning comes at a good time, to help to reverse the loss of legacy by helping to preserve legacy. I knew about Bro. Jerry Jenkins what some of you knew: an outstanding Christian man, unexcelled personal worker, a good father, and a Barnabas-like encourager. I am pleased to be writing this note of endorsement and support of the work of ‘The Jenkins Institute.’ I consider Jeff and Dale to be among my closest friends, and I have confidence in their ability to represent their father well so as to consider the spirit of his work in the cause most dear to all of us. May God bless the work of ‘The Jenkins Institute.’”

— Dr. Ralph Gilmore

“We are honored to enthusiastically endorse and recommend The Jenkins Institute. We have been blessed over the years to know, fellowship with, and receive the encouragement of Jeff and Dale Jenkins. We have admired the ways that both of these men were able to lead congregations to grow spiritually and numerically. Both Jeff and Dale have held outstanding Gospel Meetings at the Jersey Village congregation. We have also sought and received the wisdom and counsel of both Dale and Jeff on a variety of church matters, including church growth, minister selection, leadership, and scriptural questions. We believe The Jenkins Institute can be a wonderful blessing to the brotherhood.”

— Elders, Jersey Village Church of Christ
Houston, TX

“Few have manifested a passion for preaching and reaching the lost more than Jerry Jenkins. Those of us who knew him were blessed by his gentle ways, his commitment to excellence, and his inexhaustible energy. Publicly, privately, and persistently he answered the challenge of holy writ: ‘Do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry’ (2 Timothy 4:5). Thankfully, that same uncompromising fervor can be seen in his sons, Jeff Jenkins and Dale Jenkins. We, therefore, rejoice to learn that they will be giving direction to “The Jenkins Institute,” and commend this good work to the confidence of our great brotherhood.”

— Dan Winkler

“I wholeheartedly endorse THE JENKINS INSTITUTE! Dale and Jeff Jenkins are continuing the life-changing and soul-saving work established by their father, Jerry Jenkins. These two faithful brothers will use this great instrument to challenge, inspire and feed all of us who take advantage of what they offer. THANK YOU Jeff and Dale for your dedication and constant service to your brothers and sisters in the Lord.”

— Dennis Jones
President, Heritage Christian University

“Two of the finest gospel preachers in our brotherhood are Jeff and Dale Jenkins, and I have great confidence in both of these men and believe that their establishing ‘The Jenkins Institute’ will be a tremendous blessing to our brotherhood. Bro. Jerry Jenkins was an inspiration to preachers and churches and I personally have benefitted from his great work, and to carry on his legacy in this manner will help to fulfill Bro. Jerry’s love for preaching the gospel.”

— Larry Acuff

“Years ago, the University of Phoenix devised a plan to provide college education for people in cities all across the U.S. Their concept of education was somewhat novel. They did not hire professional teachers. Instead, they hired teachers who are actually doing in the “real world’ what they teach, and are successful at it. The Jenkins Institute has parallels to this concept. Both Jeff and Dale are men who have done, and are doing, the work of evangelists. And, they’re good at what they do. They both have successful ministries and have influenced thousands for the gospel. This Institute will provide valuable instruction from men with proven track records. It is a great concept and one that will meet a need in the brotherhood today.”

— Denny Petrillo, Ph.D.
President, Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver

“I am confident that it is no overstatement to say that Jerry Jenkins was one of the true giants among the preachers of the gospel in his generation. He was not only a great proclaimer of the Word, but he was a great soul-winner, a great Kingdom builder, a great supporter of every good work, a great family man, and a great friend. Jerry possessed the mind of Christ and impacted more people for good than most of us ever will. It is truly fitting that his sons, Jeff and Dale, who exemplify all of the wonderful traits of their father, should carry on the legacy of Jerry by establishing The Jenkins Institute to help Christians everywhere to grow in their service to Christ. I wholeheartedly endorse this effort to allow Jerry Jenkins’ influence to live on and to bless this generation and generations to come.”

— Jay Lockhart

“Jerry Jenkins and his family continue to inspire individuals and churches in the United States and abroad. Although brother Jerry has finished his race and gone to his reward, his values and mission live on in the lives of those he taught—especially in his sons, Jeff and Dale. I am thankful that these men are establishing The Jenkins Institute to advance the work for which their father lived and died. Like Abel, Jerry Jenkins will continue to influence God’s people from beyond the grave through the work of the institute that will bear his name.”

— Howard Norton

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